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Filipino Catholic​ Traditions, and Rituals

FAQs for Filipino Catholic Families 

A: Yes, we are happy to coordinate both of these services at the same time.

We are more than ready to organize all of the dates and arrangements, both with the family and with any religious leaders or churches they’d like to include.

A: Yes, we can do additional hours at the family’s request, though please be aware that additional costs may apply.

A: Our Chapel is able to accommodate roughly 175 people seated and an additional 100-125 people standing. Everyone is welcome to join us in remembrance.

FAQs for Attendees of a Filipino Catholic Service

A: There are many elements of a Filipino Catholic funeral service that closely resemble other Catholic funeral services that you’ve already attended, so you probably won’t feel very out of place. 

The major differences are the language ( the service might be held in Tagalog), and that there are often two funeral processions—one to the chapel from the home, and then from the chapel to the cemetery. Check with the family or other attendees ahead of time if you would like to attend both processions.

In addition, the services often have very, very large numbers of people in attendance. If you absolutely need to sit down, you should consider arriving on the earlier side to ensure that you get a seat.

A: Like its North American counterpart, the service typically lasts for between an hour and an hour and half, depending on the family’s wishes.

A: You will be absolutely fine wearing black or dark colors, and there is a possibility, depending on the preferences of the family, that you might be given a black armband to wear.

A: As with any funeral service, it is always best to pay attention and be quiet and reverent when you are unsure of what is happening or feel hesitant to participate.

In Filipino Catholic families it is custom to offer what is called the abuloy, which is a donation to help the family cover the expenses of the funeral. It would be polite for you to also contribute to this fund, even if it’s just a little bit.

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