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Jain Cultural Services

Berge Pappas Smith holds a deep commitment to understanding and respecting the Jain funeral rites and rituals. Our team of knowledgeable and considerate staff members has undergone extensive training to ensure that we can provide the essential guidance and support that Jain families need during their time of mourning. We tailor our entire facility to cater to the needs of Jain families, curating an environment that is all-encompassing and soothing. Our dedication to cultural sensitivity, empathy, and inclusivity empowers us to honor the traditions, values, and beliefs of Jain families with the highest level of care and reverence.

  • We extend compassionate guidance and support to Jain families, ensuring their cultural and religious needs are meticulously addressed.
  • Our facility is thoughtfully adapted to meet the specific requirements of Jain families.
  • We hold deep respect for the customs, values, and beliefs of the Jain community.
  • Our attentive staff members are committed to listening intently and honoring the unique experiences of Jain families.
  • We are dedicated to creating a space that emanates familiarity and comfort, complete with well-suited seating arrangements, prayer rooms, and traditional Jain symbols.
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Comment questions regarding Jain Services

Jain funeral rites hold deep spiritual significance within the Jain community. These rituals reflect the Jain belief in non-violence, simplicity, and detachment from material possessions. During Jain funeral ceremonies, the body is treated with the utmost respect, and the process involves minimal environmental impact. Cremation is a common practice, although some Jain sects opt for more eco-friendly methods like burial without harming living organisms. Jain funeral rites emphasize the idea of freeing the soul from the cycle of rebirth and attaining moksha, or liberation, through the shedding of karmas accumulated over lifetimes. Family and community members gather to offer prayers, recite sacred texts, and reflect on the impermanence of life while seeking spiritual elevation for the departed soul.

Jain funeral service will consist of reciting the Stavans and Bhajans for an extended period of time, Eulogies by family and friends, rituals of placing water, rice, sandalwood powder, and Ghee on the body followed by the cremation which is typically initiated by the eldest son.
The Service typically takes 1 hour between the religious ceremony and eulogies.
When attending a Jain funeral Ceremony, it is customary to not wear black. Traditionally attendants should wear white. It is also customary for women to cover up arms and knees.
Avoid crying or public outbursts during the viewing or ceremony as it goes against the beliefs of Jains
Avoid bringing natural flowers to the funeral.
The Jain community cremate in an effort to keep earth clean and pure and typically do so within 48 hours as they believe that the soul will be reborn immediately after death.
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