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Filipino Catholic Cultural Services

Berge Pappas Smith is devoted to understanding and respecting the Filipino Catholic funeral rites and traditions. Our specially trained staff members possess extensive knowledge to ensure an authentic Filipino Catholic last rites funeral service. We have meticulously adapted our entire facility to cater to the needs of Filipino Catholic families, creating an environment that embraces inclusivity and comfort while preserving the essence of these cherished traditions.

  • We provide expert guidance and unwavering support to Filipino Catholic families, ensuring their cultural and religious needs are meticulously met.
  • Our facility has been thoughtfully transformed to meet the specific requirements of Filipino Catholic families, fostering an atmosphere of deep cultural reverence.
  • We hold the customs, values, and beliefs of the Filipino Catholic community in the highest regard, ensuring every detail aligns with their cherished traditions.
  • Our compassionate staff members are not only attentive but deeply knowledgeable about the unique experiences of Filipino Catholic families, making their funeral experience as authentic and meaningful as possible.

At Berge Pappas Smith, we are committed to creating a space that offers familiarity and comfort, complete with thoughtfully arranged seating, dedicated prayer rooms, and the inclusion of traditional Filipino Catholic symbols, allowing families to celebrate their loved ones in a manner that truly reflects their heritage and faith.


At Berge Pappas Smith Chapel of the Angels, we recognize the importance of cultural traditions in honoring and remembering loved ones. One such tradition in Filipino Catholic funeral services is the Novena for the Dead.

Many well-known novenas begin or end on a saint’s feast day. While most novenas last nine days, some exceptions, like the St. Andrew Christmas novena, extend to 25 days. Novenas can be found in devotional prayer books or by consulting a priest, but individuals are also welcome to create their own novena if inspired.

The Novena for the Dead is a specific type of novena, a nine-day prayer offered for someone who has passed away. These prayers are intended to support the departed as they transition through the afterlife, serving as a powerful way to honor, remember, and support them.

At Berge Pappas Smith Chapel of the Angels, we are committed to helping families honor their loved ones through these beautiful and meaningful traditions, ensuring a dignified farewell that respects and supports both the loved one, their families, and cultural traditions.

On-site Reception Center

Our thoughtfully designed reception centers foster environments of fellowship and unity, where cherished memories can be embraced. This environment allows families to find strength in their support network while remembering their loved ones.

Live-Streaming Funeral Services

  • Live-streaming allows your family, friends and others who are unable to attend the service or ceremony to participate
    from the comfort and convenience of their own home, or anywhere with a mobile device.
  • Your family has total control over who can view your service, whether the service is public or private for family only.
  • For families who wish to have closed services, the live-stream link can be sent directly to friends and family via email.

Large Spacious Chapel

Our spacious chapel is thoughtfully designed to comfortably accommodate gatherings of all sizes up to 225 guests, ensuring a dignified and serene environment for mourning and remembrance. With flexible seating arrangements and a capacity to adapt to various cultural needs, our chapel is versatile and inclusive, allowing families to honor their loved ones in a way that aligns with their unique traditions. At Chapel of the Angels, we prioritize creating a welcoming space that caters to the diverse needs of our community during moments of reflection and celebration of life.

Motorcycle Escorts

Motorcycle escorts play a vital role in ensuring that a funeral procession moves smoothly and safely from the service to the cemetery, providing a dignified farewell for your loved one. Available upon request, the escort’s presence is all about creating a secure and respectful journey for the mourners. Typically, one rider is assigned for every ten cars in the procession. These riders help by planning the best route, giving out placards to mark the procession cars, and presenting a dignified appearance, often in uniform.

Many of these motorcycle escorts have backgrounds in public service, such as police or fire departments, and they receive special training to ensure they are well-prepared. They are regularly tested to keep their skills sharp. Escorting a funeral procession can be risky because riders sometimes need to quickly move ahead to secure intersections, allowing the procession to pass safely. Unfortunately, other drivers on the road can sometimes be inattentive or unaware of the need to give way to a funeral procession. Despite these challenges, motorcycle escorts are committed to providing a safe and respectful journey for all those involved.

Common questions regarding Filipino Catholic Services

Filipino Catholic funeral rites are a deeply significant and spiritually rich aspect of Filipino culture. Rooted in Catholicism, these funeral customs blend religious traditions with Filipino cultural practices. Typically, a Filipino Catholic funeral begins with a wake where friends and family gather to offer prayers, condolences, and support to the bereaved. Catholic rituals such as the Holy Rosary are often recited during this time. The funeral Mass, a central element, is conducted to pray for the departed soul’s peaceful journey to the afterlife. Cremation and burial are both practiced, with burial being a more common choice. Filipino Catholics place great importance on remembering and honoring the deceased, and they often hold multiple memorial services over time, including the one-year anniversary. These funeral rites reflect the deep Catholic faith and strong family bonds that characterize Filipino culture.

Yes, we can coordinate with the church of the families choosing to accommodate the funeral mass on the day of the burial as well as one on the fortieth day after the funeral.

Yes, we can do additional hours at the family’s request. Additional costs can be applicable.

Our Chapel is able to accommodate roughly 175 people seated and an additional 100-125 people standing.

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