Services for Veterans

Services for Veterans

Military Honors

Would you like to honor a loved one in your family that was a Veteran with Military Honors? Depending on the branch of service Berge-Pappas-Smith Chapel of the Angels can assist with obtaining a color guard that plays Taps. We have contacts with all branches of the service to honor your loved one in the most appropriate way. In addition, we can apply for an American Flag.

Presidential Certificate honoring the life o Honoring Heroes

Every veteran deserves a final farewell that is honorable and pays tribute to their sacrifices to preserve our freedom.

Whether it is a full military service or simply a small family funeral, we are committed to providing a healing experience for those gathered in mourning.

The Benefits of Military and Veterans Services

There are a number of benefits that come from planning a military service—and the foremost one is simply being able to honor those who have given so much for our nation. A military burial service is not just an important way to pay respects to our service veterans, but also their families.

Other benefits include:

  • A United States flag is provided at no cost to drape over the casket or to accompany the urn; it is provided to the next-of-kin following the service.
  • Headstones, markers, or medallions can be obtained at no cost from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Families may receive the Presidential Memorial Certificate, which is signed by the current president.
  • Military honors can take place in private cemeteries, veteran cemeteries or wherever the location of the service.

Eligibility for Military Funerals

For this unique honor, veterans from all military branches qualify—regardless of rank, and regardless of whether they served in active duty, Reserve duty, or in the National Guard.

Contact one of our caring staff to ensure you secure the benefits and tribute earned by veterans.

Service for veterans
Veterans benefits
Veteran Benefits
Service for veterans

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