November 14, 1996 ~ April 5, 2022

Born in: Patna, India
Resided in: Fremont, California

Ashana Jha passed away on the fifth of April, 2022, at the tender age of 25. She leaves behind her mother and father, Jayanti and Sanjeev Jha of Fremont, CA; and brother, Alekh Jha of Cary, NC. Ashana was born in Patna, India and she lived for most of her life in Fremont, CA, moving there at the age of nine. When she was 21, Ashana moved to the suburbs of Detroit to attempt an independent adult life. After three years she moved back to Fremont where she spent the rest of her days.

Ashana’s life was a complex and difficult one, and her tragic story deserves to be told and shared. But it is not a story to which justice can be done if it were made to fit into an obituary. Further below, you will find The Story of Ashana Jha, where a detailed account of her birth, life, and death are presented. We hope you will consider reading it.

A private memorial service for family and close friends will be held at the Chapel of the Angels in Fremont (40842 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538) on Saturday, the sixteenth of April, 2022, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. The memorial service will be followed by Ashana’s cremation.

Dear Ashana – may you finally find true peace, as you rest in your eternal slumber.


The Story of Ashana Jha


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  1. CandleI remember the day I met you. Seventy grade with Autumn and Desiree. We all used to hang out in Niles and just be goofy. We always were laughing. Never a dull moment. I will cherish our memories forever. You will be missed!!
    RIP Ashana.

  2. So sorry to hear about you. You are now always in God’s lap. You are in peace. Remembering you all my life.
    RIP. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. CandleI am so saddened to hear you are gone from this world. We were never close but I will always remember you as the sweet girl at Centerville Junior High who always let me borrow pencils. I hope you are at peace now. There were many of us here on Earth that thought the world of you.

  4. CandleAshana, I will always cherish our memories together. My heart goes out to your family, friends, and anyone else that got the pleasure of having you in their life. Rest In Peace ❤️ Till we meet again

  5. CandleAshana I will forever remember my high school years with you and our friend group in PE and at lunches. I’m so sorry this has happened and I hope you’re resting easy. You will be missed!

  6. CandleWe are so profoundly sorry for your loss and still in a state of disbelif and shock. I don’t have words to express my condolences or console you. Only this much I know that no body should go through what you guys are going through; seems totally unjust and unfair to me. May God give you enough strength, and Ashna’s soul live in eternal peace. 🙏 🙏

  7. CandleAshana
    You were very kind hearted person though struggling throughout. I remember you as very descent and respectful person. Whenever we interacted you were always listening .I pray you get your best place wherever you are .❤🙏🌹🌹💐

  8. CandleI am so sorry for the pain and hardships you faced. I will always remember your beautiful writing in high school and your enthusiasm in GSA at conferences and meetings. I hope you may find peace and happiness away from any suffering. Your light and memory will continue through everyone whose lives you’ve touched.

  9. CandleI produced for Ashana she was always so cordial and nice. Only knew her online but always was sending her my newest creations to see if she wanted to bless them with her voice. Could tell from every song she did that she would poor her heart and soul into the microphone. Will greatlyy miss her, rest easy Ashana. You will be missed by many.

    Xander Beasley

  10. CandleAshana was there for me when I felt like the rest of the world wasn’t. She was there for me at one of the hardest times of my life, and I dearly love and appreciate her for that. She was kind, understanding, caring, and so passionate. I am going to miss her so much, and I am so sorry for her family’s loss of a wonderful soul. Thank you for being my friend, Ashana.

  11. CandleAshana
    I remember when I met you back in 7 th grade you were a kind hearted and an amazing friend. From middle-school to high-school you stood by my side as a strong friend . I will cherish all the memories from middle school that I had with you. My deepest condolences to her close family and friends. We will all miss you!!! RIP my friend

  12. CandleAshana

    A sweet delight
    A soul burning bright
    Loving life with unwavering might
    Never stepping back without a fight

    Searching, seeking
    Feeling, weeping
    But never the fallen
    With every fall , every loss
    The undying spirit of love rose again

    Love triumphs always
    No matter the deathly darkness
    Of hate, cruelty, injustice, indifference
    Stumble you may
    Crumble you can
    Crush you cannot the streams of joy
    The rush of compassion
    The strength of passion

    Can it be so complicated
    To simply embrace and rejoice
    To hold and hug
    To open our hearts to every soul
    For, are we not simply the reflection
    Of each other, bonded in the everlasting
    Cycle of life and death….

    See you again Ashana, Love Ragini Mami 💐

  13. CandleAshana,
    You r very cute, innocent, full of energy. Our close association with ur parents, during our stay in USA for 4 yrs had made you a member of our extended family. We have so many fond memories, which will always be cherished.
    No words to describe the void created in ur absence. I pray for ur eternal peace and God give strength to Sanjeev & Jayanti to bear this irreparable loss.
    RIP 🙏🏻

  14. CandleMay God give Bhaiya & Bhabhi enough strengt to bear this irreparable loss and Ashna’s soul live in eternal peace. 🙏

  15. CandleAshana 

    You have been through a lot since you were born. Since your birth we have spent a lot of time together on and off until January of 2022 when I spent one week with you in Fremont, CA. 

    From 2018 to December of 2020 you were an administrative assistant in my office and you were extremely smart and learned everything quickly including billing and medical scribing. You learned how to test urine and many other tasks in the office. You were pleasant, nice to patients and to staff. We have missed you since you left in January of 2021. 

    We had a special connection that only you and I understood and I will always cherish that. I am really sorry that I could not help you in the ways that you needed me to. I feel that I have failed you and I will never forgive myself for that. I am sorry that you did not have the support that you needed. Please forgive us all. 

    Now that you have gone I wish you all the happiness wherever you are. You are in my prayers every day. I love you. 

    Chitra Nani

  16. CandleYou and I had a memorable time together since you were born and also at ACPM . You were very kind, caring, and loving. We had a lovely time in Michigan when we were all staying together. We will always love you and miss you.

    Jugal and Munni

  17. CandleAshana
    Wishing you peace and happiness
    A poem for your loved ones specially for Nicky and Sanjeev , your parents who brought you into this world :

    ‘ You can shed tears that she is gone
    Or you can smile because she has lived
    You can close your eyes and pray that she will come back
    Or you can open your eyes and see all that she has left

    Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her
    Or you can be full of the love that you shared

    You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday
    Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday

    You can remember her and only that she is gone
    Or you can cherish her memory and let it live on

    You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
    Or you can do what she would want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.’’

  18. CandleAshana,

    I can’t believe your gone. I was crying when I found out. I know you tried your hardest to fight and live through this life. I’m glad you found support and an outlet through music which you were pretty great at. 😇

    I will miss our boba hangs, parking lot talks, and just cruising in the car with you, pride\advocacy events and nightlife.

    I remember one of your favorites was chocolate boba milk tea so I’m getting one in your honor.

    You were a great friend to me and awesome advocate in the disability\lgbt community. I’m glad you could get good support from CrIL and I. ❤️

    Sending prayers up! 🙏

  19. CandleDear Ashana,
    I would never have felt ready to say goodbye to you, but this timing feels especially tough. It’s going to take time to get through the shock of this loss. I’m not sure what to say in the face of such a difficult loss. Just want you to know that I’m going to miss you so much.

  20. CandleAshana,
    You were so kind, and innocent. You amazed me with your empathy towards animals.
    It breaks my heart to know what you went through and how you must have felt throughout. I feel really helpless right now and wish that I could’ve helped you in any way possible.
    I will always cherish the memories I had of you – your music, your paintings, our conversations, you speaking in Hindi with all of us and all the dancing you did on bollywood songs.

    Sending strength and healing energies to Mama ji, Mami ji and Alekh Bhaiya.

    You will be forever in my thoughts. I hope you find peace.
    Rest easy, Ashana 🕊️🤍

  21. CandleAshana will be remembered as a great person. I was very sad when I heard her news ! . I have met Ashana many time she enjoyed her rap music . Rest in peace

  22. May God give the strength to the family to cope up with the irreparable loss and rest Ashana’s soul to peace. Om Shanti!!🙏🙏

  23. CandleAshana, you were such a good friend to me and I hope I was a good friend to you as well. I remember you told me you wanted to study Psychology and I always thought you’d excel in it. You were always very profound and loved to talk about deep subjects with me. I will miss our intellectual conversations the most. I was always drawn to how open-minded and creative you were. Thanks for being in my life and making such a meaningful impact. Rest In Peace, Ashana. I’ll miss you a lot. I will always think of you whenever I listen to Nujabes.

  24. Candleआशना के इस असामयिक निधन से गहरा दुःख है।उसकी याद हमेशा बनी रहेगी।

  25. CandleAshana, I don’t even know where to start. You were my little baby sister. I will miss your smile and all the laughs we shared. Thank you for being who you were and bringing so much joy to my life.

    So many thoughts still running through my mind and maybe one day I’ll be able to process everything that happened but for now I hope that wherever you are, you’re at peace. Love you so much always.

  26. We are so sorry to hear the sad news of Ashana’s sudden untimely passing away. May God give you and your family the strength to bear this immense loss. May Ashana’s soul rest in eternal peace. 🕉🙏🙏

  27. CandleBahut dhookhin hoon Ashna ke Saath Patna aur Bhagalpur me bitaye pal bahut Yaad aayenge Bhagwaan uski atma ko shanti pradan Karen.Om Shanti. 🙏

  28. CandleI am so sorry to hear the news of Ashana’s unexpected demise. May her heart and soul find peace and comfort.
    Om Shanti 🙏

  29. CandleMay Ashna find and rest easy in eternal peace. Ashna Jha’s Aj420’s freeStyle music shall always be remembered and a treasure in my heart. With much honor, love, and respect to her family and friends, sincerely, JamieRae Despain jamie.rae415@gmail .com

  30. There are some things which are very hard to elucidate ,specifically in these hard times ,the memories that I have with you are very vibrant and heart warming ,it’s very hard for me to digest I miss you so much ❤️🫂

  31. CandleAshana

    You were a great friend and coworker. We always had the best of times working together. From our silly conversations where we just made each other laugh to our serious conversations where we talked about things that we wanted to improve on. You were always a good friend and a great listener. You were always determined in the things that you did, from your music to pursuing school, to even learning how to do billing.

    Work has never been the same since you left. It is hard to believe that you are not here with us anymore. You will always be in our memories. Keep making music wherever you are. We love you. 


  32. CandleThe first day we met.
    She was always chill as we chat as we got to know each other. How we met?
    Hospital in our teen year.
    We have similar interest for our time.
    After we got out. We kept in touch.
    I supported her music.
    Today 4/15 as I just saw as it hurt my soul that she pass away.
    My condolences to Ashana family and love one as I share!
    She in a better place as she rap and vibes.
    🙏🏽 🫶🏽

  33. Pankaj Sinha To Ashana

    Seeing you depart at this youthful age of 24 is heartbreaking. Sure, the life had been unfair to you. Right from your birth, insufficient supply of oxygen leading to a physical disability and then drug addiction and finally rejecting this world for a better life elsewhere.
    You must have gone through a lot to choose this dark path. I am disgusted to see that as family we could do nothing and sat as bystander to lose an innocent and beautiful life.
    I still remember a summer afternoon in 2007 when you were in a downtown Manhattan Primary school, and I came out from my corporate headquarter office and spotted you in your school yard sitting on a bench. All other boy/girls were running around pushing and playing with each other. Obviously, you were a non-participant for your own safety. We waived our hands to each other. I could read the explanation on your face.
    Will always remember you with fondness Wish you a peaceful journey and restful life.

    Good Bye and Love from Pankaj Nana
    April 15, 2022

  34. CandleDear Ashana,l will always remember your sweet and innocent smile.still cannot believe that you have left us. It was not your time to go so early.You leave a big void in the lives of your loved ones.
    Rest in eternal peace where there is no pain or sorrow.

  35. I met Ashna many years ago when she came to the Glankler Medical Therapy Unit for the first time. My memory of her was a bright light and her smile lite up the room. Over the years I looked forward to seeing her during her yearly clinic visits and I loved the very adult conversations we were able to have. After she “graduated” from Glankler she continued to light up the room with her picture that is still hanging in the department today. I am so saddened by the course her life took and only hope she found some peace in the end. My heart is breaking for her family. May the happy times you had with her live forever in your hearts.

    Lisa Halperin

  36. CandleDear Ashana,
    I remember you as a bubbly little girl. You had a special energy and vivaciousness to you. Thank you so much for being a part of our life.

  37. CandleI always used to look forward to our family’s get-togethers, knowing you’d be there. We’d watch silly Youtube videos and catch each other up on our lives… you were always so kind and patient with me. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that. Rest in peace 🙏

  38. CandleI had the great pleasure of being in Ashana’s life as her PT at CCS. I always looked forward to seeing her because I knew we would have some wonderful conversations. Her smile always lit up the room and she always shared insight that was well beyond her young age.

    I understand that Ashana had struggled in many aspects of her life. She also brought love and light to so many people and the world was a better place for having her in it. I am heartbroken that she is no longer here but am comforted that she is now at peace forever.

    My deepest and sincerest condolences go out to her family and her friends. May she live on in all of our hearts and memories.

  39. Deeply saddened. It is hard to believe and comprehend that you are not with us anymore. I will always remember and cherish the wonderful times we spent together. You were the liveliest and sweetest soul and had a infectious laugh. Wish we had more time with you, will miss you a lot.

    May you find peace.
    You will be forever in our thoughts.

  40. CandleYou were filled with talent and were aspiring. I’m glad I got to know you no matter how briefl our friendship may have been

    Rest In Peace, Ashana

  41. CandleYour love and struggle shown through in your music, your words, in the light around you. We talked about meeting later this spring when you were hoping to do live shows again. Such an honest and brilliant artist, I will miss you for the rest of my life. Thank you, in love and honor.

  42. CandleDear Ashna,
    May God give your soul eternal peace!
    Your beautiful smiling face will always be alive in our heart.

  43. CandleDear Ashana,

    In the few meetings we had, you were always sharp, kind and smiling. It’s deeply sorrowful to learn that you are no more with us.
    May you find peace.
    My deepest condolences to your family.

  44. Ashana will always be in our hearts:) Thank you all for the beautiful messages you have written for her.

    We are eternally grateful,
    Jayanti and Sanjeev


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