Dennis Reid Hendricks passed away on November 1, 2015. Born on November 15, 1946, to Sidney and Winifred Hendricks, he has been a resident of Fremont for 37 years. Dennis is survived by Marilyn Hendricks, his loving wife of 42 years. He is also survived by his daughter, Erin Hendricks, and son, Austin Hendricks, and brother Curtis Hendricks. Dennis was a lover of so many things including trains, travel, and his dogs. He treasured his family vacations from diving off of Hawaii, to traveling abroad in search of unfamiliar lands. He was a fiercely proud parent, a carpenter, a photographer, a pilot and aviation buff, and an outdoorsman. Dennis was a U.S. Navy Veteran and Air Traffic Controller before joining and contributing to the aviation industry for over 30 years. Services will be held on November 9, 2015 at 10 AM at Berge-Pappas-Smith Chapel of the Angels at 40842 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538.

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  1. We are so sorry for your loss. Dennis was a very fine man and a kind gentleman. So many handy man talents and gifts.We will miss talking with him and seeing him dressed so handsomely at Halloween. We love your whole family. Many hugs.

  2. To my brother. I am remembering back so many years ago, when we were just young boys growing up in Denver, CO. We played and grew through childhood having the usual brotherly disagreements and also a lot of little boy fun. The years pass quickly and then you were a teen ager paving the way for me and our younger brother with the parents: pushing boundaries as every teenager does. I remember how much you were into cars and especially your truck. That Ford pickup you bought. You really took great car of that truck. It was black with moon rim hubcaps and reversed split rims, or wait a minute, what week is this? No, the rims are blue now or are they red? One never knew what new color of rims and what other changes you would come home with. We used that truck for some fun times, like camping and just running around. Also used Mom’s new car for our deer hunting adventure when you and I, you age 17 and me age 13, went on our deer hunting expedition. Just the two of us. What a time we had, but you did come back with a deer in 24 hours.

    Then you finished high school and you were off to college. First Colorado State University and then Utah State. Of course during this period, I didn’t get to see you as much, but you transitioned from cars and trucks to airplanes. Getting your private pilots license. There was one special time we spent in an airplane. When you took me with you, just the two of us, on a day trip to Granby, CO. in that Cessna two seater. When we returned to Denver we were faced with severe weather and airport closing. We were bouncing around in the storm just south of Denver in the Black Forest area while Mom and Dad were at home going crazy trying to find us. I knew you would take care of us, and you did. We finally landed at Jefferson County airport. I didn’t really think anything was that wrong, I was just enjoying the ride. However, Mom and Dad had a totally different view of that trip.

    Then came your military service which took you away from home again. Your service took you to some interesting places in the US and overseas. After the Service you ended in San Francisco and found a place that you liked still working with airplanes as a traffic controller. You also found a wonderful young women named Marilyn. And surprise, she became your wife and you started to build your life together in San Francisco. With you in San Francisco and me in Denver, we didn’t see each other that much, but I knew what you were up to from reports from Mom and Dad.

    The years move on and you and Marilyn build a family, a boy and a girl. You nurtured them, helped them grow and they became wonderful adults. An accomplishment to be proud of. I remember the week we all had together with both of our families, my two boys and your kids and Mom and Dad for their 50th wedding anniversary at Conesus Lake in New York. All of the kids took to each other and bonded so well. We had an incredible week of fun and sharing. Our families grew older, separated, you in CA and me and my family in NY. I still kept tabs on you through Mom and Dad.

    Now our children are grown, they have all found partners to share their respective lives and we watch as they grow and change. Remember you brought them to this point, and you should be proud of what they have become and who they are; wonderful caring adults.

    For now, we are going to have to say goodbye. We move on and continue to hope for the best for our families. Someday we will all be together again, but until then remember I will miss you and how grateful I am for the time we had together as brothers. I love you. Curt.

  3. Dennis was my boss at United Airlines for seven years, and although he was gruff and tough, he became my friend and showed he really cared about the airline and those of us working in his department. Dennis was a great boss; he allowed me to work on my own and was available to me when I needed his help, but he didn’t try to micromanage the training department. I found that behind his gruff exterior, he cared very much about United Airlines and those of us who worked with him.

    When I was out for a time because I needed surgery, Dennis would call my wife to make sure everything was all right. It was great to have him for a boss because Dennis really cared about how we were doing and he would take care of the problems we were unable to solve on our own.

    I appreciate the time I worked with Dennis, and I am thankful he was one of my mentors. He will truly be missed.

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