Diamond Ki' ilani Kamehaiku-Sysco

diamond kamehaiku-sysco

June 27, 2002 ~ January 12, 2023

Born in: Berkeley, California
Resided in: Fremont, California

Diamond “Ki’iLani” Marcy Marcela Kamehaiku-Sysco named Gently by a Dream by Mom. In the dream Son was playing with daughter calling out “Ruby Diamond..”. Diamond became her first name of the Finest and hardest element here in Earth. Ki’iLani means in Hawaiian image of Heaven. Both Marcy and Marcela are here Aunties of strength and loyalty to OHANA! Kamehaiku is her Great Grandmothers name and Sysco shared by her belated father Rhon Victor Hargraves-Sysco that he left behind this beautiful Angel… And now together they sit in Heaven…

Diamond as she chose to go by in her adult years because many would mispronounce her Hawaiian name or only call her Ki. And she knew that Hawaiian names one must be addressed by the full name not nicknames… Ki was only part of her name soo Diamond evolved… The Legend.

Diamond lived an extraordinary life by her spirit and Drive to be kind to all whom she met. Diamonds background started at a young age. She always wanted to learn how to do things for herself. Excellent crafter and artist. Brilliant in problem-solving and making sure everything was good and right! She worked in the Kid Zone at a local church where she learned many facets of the administrative, sound and leadership. Diamond gave her all. She never left a task undone; she’d try her hardest. And sometimes when things were overwhelming and those little anxiety bunnies that would interrupt her focus. She knew she needed a break to find herself. A time to discover who she was and to fill up her love meter… Diamond graduated from COIL Center of Independent Learning where her favorite teacher Wayne mentored her. She received her Diploma in 2020 right in the middle of Covid soo her class did not get to walk the stage to be presented their diplomas. Diamond was very disappointed with this… however her family made sure her moment was celebrated tremendously! She went on to become one of the youngest PA’s at Amazon OAK 5 located in Newark. She went above and beyond her duties by surrounding her peers and coworkers with “LOVE.” She showed them with cheers, gifts, and Team Spirit. Many of her coworkers have made it known what diamond meant to them… in their stories of laughter with Diamond. One Co- Worker said he would treasure the gift she gave him! There are pictures of her in grinch pajamas with her Team all grinning ear to ear. She was always the first to go in and the last to come out!
Diamond was one of a kind, a badass, a BORN LEADER… she created a life that she could thrive in and welcomed in all the hurt because she said,” One day I’ll understand why things happen to me and by then I’ll be stronger Mom!” She feared nothing! She learned how to cope under pressure and how to veer away from those who didn’t deserve her presence. She made herself boundaries.

One of her greatest gifts was to see people’s goodness even if they were bullies, Mean or selfish… she didn’t care. She still showed them LOVE and even more soo because she knew they were hurting deep inside..SHE WAS VERY PERSISTENT!


Her Hawaiian-ness shined through her petite stature. She graced the earth with soo much Aloha and care for the betterment of humankind! She was very kind, giving and self-less! There wasn’t a day that she didn’t ask if the family needed something… She would go the extra mile for her OHANA!

Her Dad Joseph “hanai” Diamond and from day one and the two of them were inseparable… they had each other for 18 ½ years …her Dad loves her to no end. Always looking out for her and protecting her! Her older brother jacks was a huge influence on her and like a sister didn’t listen…But big brother was always there when she needed him. Plus he has all her nieces and nephews… soo big brother knew she’d be back! Her older sister Shayla was someone Ki’iLani looked up to. ShAyla tough has a loving and huge heart and always let her sister be first, lead, and was always there supporting her.. ShAyla showed Ki’iLani te truest sense of sisterly love.. Diamond’s leadership would dominate Shayla sometimes and we’d be like do something and ShAyla with such grace would say, ”It’s okay!” I’m good if she’s good!” And the three together would laugh and laugh and laugh… they were a set of siblings that have an unbreakable bond forever!
Diamond has a love for her nieces and nephews like no other. Always making sure she attended as many events and functions for them. Sharing in laughter, playtime and of course endless love… they will miss out on so many more years that could of been. Yet we know her spirit dwells in their souls for an eternity.

Diamond Ki’iLani is survived by her mother Chasity Sisco-Martinez, Dad Joseph Martinez, her sister ShAyla Lopes, Brother in law Kalealani Lopes,  Brother Jack Sisco, her Sister in Law Anushka Gill, their daughter “Penelope,” Ki’iLani’s other two nephews Jayden, Genesis and niece Skye Lani, Ki’iLani’s Uncle Kamuela Mario Jacobs, Grandmother Paulette Ka’ala and Grandfather William Roberson and all her Aunties, Uncles, cousins here in California through East Coast Family to her Hawaiian Ohana in Kailua-Kona and surrounding islands.

Diamond loved all of her Grandparents the ones here on earth and the ones she’s seated with n Heaven and they all express great admiration and love for her preciousness!!!

Diamond will always be a true heart for the game of softball and can now hit home runs in Heaven!! Playing against the Angels and all who are up for a challenge.

May she continue to Hula in the light she danced so gracefully here on earth with her ancestors now…

I leave with you all this:


… for Diamond’s World will live on forever!

Long Live Diamond

In Jesus Sweet Name

My Beautiful Daughter, I am so proud of you. You are perfect to me in every way. I miss you tremendously and you will always be in my heart… I only say FAREWELL…

A hui Hou

Malama Pono

Aloha – Mommy


Visitation: January 27, 2023 9:00 am - July 22, 2024 11:00 am

Room: Garden Chapel

Berge Papas Smith Chapel of the Angels
40842 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538


Funeral Service: January 27, 2023 11:00 am - July 22, 2024 12:00 pm

Room: Garden Chapel

Berge Papas Smith Chapel of the Angels
40842 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538


Reception: January 27, 2023 12:00 pm - July 22, 2024 3:00 pm

Room: Mission Chapel

Berge Papas Smith Chapel of the Angels
40842 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538


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  1. CandleThere are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone the light remains!!

    Author unknown

  2. CandleI always love her spirit at church and being involved with KZCrew. She always had a nice smile and love for everyone. Her smile will always be there to remember. Praying for the family during this difficult loss.

  3. CandleHer obituary covers her…

    There’s an Uber amount of Loving family everywhere who adore her back…

    I wanted to touch some here and if I overlooked anyone please chime in yourself…

    All the kids and people from Crossroads church who served side by side her. Performed with her or taught in kids Zone with her…

    The pastors and leaders there and all the kids she poured into…

    Many poured into her as well. The teachers and kids at COUL her counselor… Terry

    Auntie Doree, cousins Ashlee, pua, keoni, kaleo and Tutu and Mr John.

    Auntie Sydney and cousin Sharon n Dexter … love you guys..

    ands Debbie and Tom joy, Elena, Evan and Jose…

    Cousins from Alameda and around..

    Jef, Marcy, cybee, Jackie. And her kiddos… her Mom Sarah…. Love you all and Ki’iLani loves you

    Cousins Julie and Kevin with Marcus and baby girl…

    Cousins Leslie, Jessica , kalani and Joe dirt and Mr. Lewis ana all the love of being Dallas Cowboy fans yee haw

    Cousins Louis and wife and all you folks kids… We all love you

    Laura Auntie their moms!!!

    Love flows out to all Ki’iLani’s friends at Amazon you all knew here as diamond.. She loved you all

    Everyone who was kind to Ki’iLani at Plastikon Peace

    To her cousins in Hawaii and aunties and uncles there to… high five Ki’iLani from them

    Everyone in the East coat she’sa precious Angel n loves loves loves you all

    Auntie Moana ana uncle bill and entire Ohana she loves you soo much

    To my mother Ka’ala Ki’iLani’s last conversation was about visiting you and she loves you mom

    Bill she talked about how god you were with shaping wood hee words

    She mentions teacher Wayne in her notes at home

    She loved some other families in neighboring cities… She loved you folks ana that’s what matters

    Props to Andrew and Dantae for your efforts and love… You were like brothers to diamond

    To her Girl Gurl Troop from San Jose
    Mae, Osha, and the rest of you know who you are chime in and show your girl some love…

    I don’t know how to spell all your names… But I love you
    She loves you



  4. CandleJayden Genesis Skye and Penelope

    Ki’iLani your Auntie loves you beyond descriptions – you blessed her soul with so much love

  5. CandleForever Her World I love You More Than Anything I’m going to miss the beautiful smile , gorgeous Face , and Funny laugh , my angel I’ll never have another soul like hers she took care of me when I needed her and helped me when I was in deeply in pain I love you Dia More Than Anything until We Meet Again My Love 💗 LLD🌎💎🕊️

  6. CandleSweet Ki’ilani, you were such a shining, bright light. To see your radiant smile was always a great gift. Rest in His comforting and loving arms sweetheart 🏵️

  7. CandleMy little sister💕,
    I will always treasure every moment we have had together in this life. I wish that we had more time together. I will miss us laughing and talking. You always knew how to make me laugh. I love you and I miss you. Your time in this life will never be forgotten. I love you always and forever!

    Love always,
    Your big sister Shay♥️

  8. CandleDiamond, an amazing softball player and team member! Enjoyed watching her play and develop her skills and supporting her teammates during practice or games.

  9. CandleAnother morning and you’re not here or coming here…

    I miss you and I miss the times with you.

    Time is not my friend because I use to say one is getting closer to loved ones in heaven..

    Now I want a speed flight straight into your arms..

    I know your spirit is here living in all…

    I need to see you and feel your hugs… I miss everything you

    I see your room door open and see your things, I see your tooth brush in your bathroom, your eye lashes, your make up, your stuff is everywhere and I want you to be here with it all…. Your towel in the back of your bathroom door hangs dry…

    Your dogs just circle around looking for you…

    Roxie sits at your door allot

    Big sighs someday baby someday…

    Looking for rainbows



  10. CandleOur condolences to Chasity, Joe, Jack and the rest of family.
    RIP DIAMOND. Your beautiful smile is always with us and you are so missed. We all love you very much. You were like a second child to me my beautiful Diamond 💎

  11. CandleOur condolences to Chasity, Joe, Jack and the rest of family.
    Your beautiful smile is always with us and you are so missed. We all love you very much. You were like a second child to me my beautiful Diamond 💎

  12. CandleOur Prayers and Blessings for Strength to Jack , Joe, Chasity and Family 🙏🏻🙌. May Diamond Rest in Paradise and Fly High with the Angels. Our Sincerest Sympathy Love Trinity n BARBARA 🙏🏻😇🙌♥️

  13. CandleKi’iLani’s name means “in the image of heaven.” Given to her because she is my daughter’s girl. Girls or kaikemahine’s are very special in our Hawaiian cultural. We carry on the history mo’olelo (genealogy) of our ‘ohana and is the kalele (base or foundation) of our ‘ohana/community to keep our Hawaiiam values alive. Values of aloha (love/in the presence), ike mana’o (knowledgeable on all matters to be wise), ho’olohe (listen intently to learn), malama (caring for all things), pono (behave properly) to show respect, & lokahi (harmony) to find solutions to make things work. In her lifetime, Ki’iLani entered worlds’ new to her and approached them in her Hawaiian way with hahaha (humbly) to learn & live. I will miss this girl wahine granddaughter for things that could have been, but today she will be with her grandpa, uncles, aunties & great grandmother who she is na.ed after, Kamehaiku, my mother. My mother’s name means “kahili – the royal standard of our Kings & Queens of Hawaii. Moe I ka maluhia, my granddaughter, Ki’iLani.

  14. #LLD💎💚🌎🌈🦋
    Diamonds World Forever
    Ki’iLani’s World Forever
    Fly High Baby
    Justice for Diamond

  15. Flabbergasted word of the week!

    Soo much my sweet girl. I love you more then I’ll ever experience with you here in earth…

    “Queen Ki’iLani”

    May you bow before the Righteous,
    May humility be our Weapon,
    May you engage only in defense,
    May our knowledge be heard,
    May our Aloha carry us through,
    May our Ancestors be honored,
    May Akua continue to Bless so abundantly,
    May we continue to Stand for Justice for our I’kaika Queen!


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