Jose "Maverick" de Jesus Hernandez III


August 12, 1985 ~ May 26, 2021

Born in: Fairfield, California
Resided in: Dublin, California

Jose de Jesus Hernandez III, age 35 of Dublin, California, taken too soon, May 26, 2021.

Always loved, forever missed, but never forgotten Jose de Jesus Hernández III was born in Fairfield, California, the adored son of and raised by Karrey Benbow and Jose de Jesus Hernandez II, step-mother Tammy Hernandez and step-father Roy Benbow.

Jose became an exceptional young man growing up in the East Bay, graduating from Valley Christian School in Dublin, California, surrounded by family and friends.  Jose loved our lord Jesus Christ, blossoming Christian faith. He nurtured a lifelong passion for all things technical and mechanical. Jose ably combined his passions and inquisitive mind, eventually connecting with other enthusiast in the motorcycle and car world. He was an avid rider (Member, Ducati Midnight Club), driver, and builder of high-performance machines. Able to, design it, build it, repair it and “SEND IT”.  Spreading his mechanical knowledge, he was known for his relentless willingness to help others throughout his large and trusted community of friends, and anyone who needed a helping hand. His nine-year career at the VTA, was another example of his brilliant mind, as he left a legacy of high work ethic, and innovative tools he created to improve rail system maintenance. His zest for a life well lived extended over many interests from flying drones, 3D printing, playing and coaching soccer, wake boarding to snowboarding, playing guitar to videography, leading worship in church, the joy of a sunset, and the rise of a new day.

Jose was survived by his mother, Karrey Benbow and step-father Roy Benbow, of San Ramon, CA, father, Jose de Jesus Hernandez II and step-mother Tammy Hernandez, of Fremont, CA.

He is also survived by his sisters Tanya Hernández of Mendocino, CA, and Eva Hernandez of Fremont, CA. Grandparents, Jose de Jesus Hernandez I of Mexico City, Mexico, Maria Elena Munoz of Arándas, Mexico, Karl J. Albert (papa), of Grants Pass, OR and Earl DeCaccia, of Fremont, CA. His step sisters Jennifer Gutierrez (Phillip) of Tracy CA, and Serena Mcteer (Justin) of Glendora, CA. He will be forever loved by his nieces and nephews Ethan Foster, Elijah Hernandez, Maya Gutierrez, Phillip Gutierrez, Kaylie Mcteer, Justin Mcteer and Tyler Mcteer. His memory and goodness will forever dwell in the hearts of his many uncles, aunts and cousins here in California and Mexico.

He will remain in the hearts of so many friends in the community and fellow co-workers in the VTA who lost so much that terrible day. The family grieves for their loss as well.

Jose was preceded in passing by his sister Maria Hernandez, grandmother Peggy Ann Albert, and grandmother Maria DeCaccia.

A visitation will be held on Wednesday June 9, 2021 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM at Berge Pappas Smith Chapel of the Angels, 40842 Fremont blvd., Fremont, CA 94538.

Please join the family June 19th, 2021, at 1:00 in the afternoon as they gather to celebrate the joy of loving and having Jose de Jesus Hernandez III in their lives.

Three Crosses Church

20600 John Drive

Castro Valley, CA 94546

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    • CandleThank you for our 1st motorcycle ride together Sunday “Send it”! So glad I said YES💕💕💕

  1. CandleI will cherish the adventures we had together. You were certainly the big brother I looked up to.
    You will be forever loved and missed.


  2. CandleDearest Nephew,

    I can not find the words. My heart is breaking for our family. You were such an extraordinary human that touched so many lives just being you.

    Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.
    Much Love, Aunt Laura & Uncle Ken Cooper

  3. Sending prayers that God will send his healing angels to be with you all during this most difficult time.
    I never met Jose but I walked the Streets of San Francisco with him, his mother and aunt before he made his appearance in this world.
    Such a beautiful tribute written about him!

  4. CandleYou will truly be missed @ Dr.Okazaki’s office Jose.
    All of our hearts hurts for you all !! May our God wrap His arms around each and everyone of you , give you all peace, strength and comfort !!
    We will miss that beautiful smile of yours..

  5. CandleYou are so loved! In our hearts! We know you are enjoying your time with Jesus!! Can’t wait to see you again!!

  6. CandleJose,

    There is so much I wished I had told you when you were here. How much comfort I felt when you were around. That no matter how risky the adventure we were on, I felt safe with you. I knew that no matter the mess, you would know what to do. Even in all the messes I made myself, you helped me put it back together and make me look like I did it on purpose. You taught me a lot about self confidence by exemplifying it. The phrase you said to get me to push myself farther was, “what’s the worst that could happen? And if that happens, you’ll figure it out”. You had so much faith in me; more than I had in myself. I can’t tell you how many times already I’ve thought to call you…to hang out, to help me with my stupid water heater, to go on an adventure, to discuss which cryptocurrency to invest in…..I know that urge to call you won’t go away and I don’t want it to. It reminds me of you and I’ll now welcome the issues around the house or my car just to think of what you would challenge me to fix on my own. You leave a heck of void here on earth Jose. I hope you’re “SENDING IT” on a wakeboard, snowboard or Ducati in heaven. And until I see you again, I’ll be attempting to make your tomatillo salsa as good as you did, enjoy some Arnold Palmers, drive a little faster, turn more wrenches, celebrate little victories, carve on my toes and sing a little louder to “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling”. You’re missed and loved so much. Party it up with Jesus until I get there.

    Love, Natasha

  7. CandleGood morning Son❤️
    Missing you like crazy 💕 Missing the sound of your voice, you playing the guitar 🎸and sound of you pulling up on your bike🏍 “Send it”
    Love you mom💕

  8. CandleJose,
    Missing you every hour, every day. You were my present and my future. I’ll forever cherish the few years we had together. I am so grateful to have known you, and you will always & forever have a special piece of my heart.

    Stay cool Mavrick.


  9. CandleMy deepest sympathies. Jose was such an amazing young man with a zest for life and love for family, God and friends. His smile was so infectious and he has now joined the angels. Rest In Peace. You will be missed. Karen

  10. CandleJose, working with you was so cool, you exemplified so much knowledge and i always told you how smart you were. I remember you telling me you wanted to test for electro mechanic and i was so excited for you and told you that it would be so good for you, more challenging and that you’d pass the test with no problem! You left friends behind on the bus side too and are missed deeply buddy.

  11. CandleIt’s so hard to write this because I still can’t believe it’s real. Over the years you became a family member to me, Brent and our kids…and words cannot capture how much we will miss – from the laughter and deep conversations, to raiding the chocolate in our pantry, there are so many moments that we will never forget. It’s not a surprise to see how many people love you because you are truly a special person. Thank you for all the memories and time spent with us. Your room will always be your room. We’ll miss you always.

  12. CandleJose, you shone for many; a light to guide the way.
    Happy memories of you remain to help us through the day.
    You are missed; you are loved…you will forever be remembered.
    Your talents, laughter, love, and faith were always loudly heard!
    Thanks for your contributions, thoughtfulness, generosity, and fun!
    Thanks for loving your family and friends and for making those Ducatis run!

  13. CandleSon,
    Missing you so much! We’re planning your Life Celebration 💝
    It’s been extremely difficult 😞 Never in my lifetime did I expect to be doing this 😭 My mommies heart / emotions are shattered into a million tiny pieces 😭
    I pray you are spending time with your little sister Maria🙏💝and Gamma Peggy❤️
    I love you forever

  14. CandleMay you Rest In Peace! I only had met you when you were very little and then lost contact with your mom! I’ve been looking for her for quite a few years! Lord please wrap your arms around her and the family to help them through this tragic time and let them know that they are all loved by many!
    My thoughts and prayers go out to you!

  15. CandleHi Son,
    Today we went to Thunderhill just for you! We played Top Gun sound track did 2 Victory Laps Dedicated to you!
    I rode with Andy on Bumble Bee, Dad rode your bike, Eva rode with Mike. It was a great day! You are loved and missed by all the guys. I introduced myself to Dave Moss. He said you were one incredible human! Excellent Rider!
    I love you son💕 Mom


  16. CandleMy One and Only Son💕
    Today we went to Thunderhill just for you! We played Top Gun sound track did 2 Victory Laps Dedicated to you!
    I rode with Andy on Bumble Bee, Dad rode your bike, Eva rode with Mike. It was a great day! You are loved and missed by all the guys. I introduced myself to Dave Moss. He said you were one incredible human! Excellent Rider!
    I love you son💕 Mom


  17. CandleMy heart is broken 💔. I’m so very sad 😭. Jose was alway their when needed or just to talk. I couldn’t have asked for a better Amazing Son-In-Law. Our Lord took you from us to soon. As my son said our Lord needed another Amazing Angel. Jose will never be forgotten, he will remain in my Heart forever. My Heartfelt condolences and Love goes out to all of Jose’s family and friends.

  18. Missing you a little extra today, flying into SF for your celebration of life, have you on my mind today and most days.

  19. CandleMissing you even more today, my dear Nephew. The celebration of your life was today and we watched from home (health reasons). Such an outpouring of love, respect, and fond memories. I always knew you were special and possessed amazing talents, but I had no idea the extent to which they’d blossomed. Wow kiddo! Hey now … don’t be giving me one of those looks. I can call you kiddo – I am your Aunt. xoxo The short one on your Mom’s side.

    Hard to find the words. Never was something I was good at. Even worse now at this ‘old’ age. Remember the “How old will you be when I’m xx” game? You once asked how old I would be when YOU are 40 and my answer was … never mind. Oh how you, and your sister Tanya, laughed.

    Wish I had more photos but your Grandma Peggy was the keeper of the camera. lol She’d take photos and mail copies to me. Like this one

    With Love, Aunt Laura

  20. CandleSon,
    Yesterday was your Celebration of Life! All your family was there❤️
    Tammy did an exceptional job on your photo montage to song Scars in Heaven! Evas friend did great job on your action drone footage we played Top Gun soundtrack in background!

    We had your bikes on stage, the boys helmets lined the steps. Tammy had beautiful pictures of you printed, I brought your guitars, drones on the table. I know you don’t like attention. You Deserved to be Honored Remembered this way and more! This Time Son you couldn’t Stop me from Honoring you Loud & Proud😆
    I hope to see you soon!!
    Love you always Mom 💕

  21. CandleHello Handsome Son,
    My mommies heart is extra heavy today 😭 Miss hanging out with you 💕
    Love you always

  22. CandleHi Son,
    Extremely hard to believe it’s been 1 month since you were taken from me/us😭 Time isn’t helping me 😞
    I tell myself it’s a dream or your on vacation you’ll be home any moment. Son, life w/o you seems impossible. Doing my best to make it through another day. Talk soon.
    Love you always

  23. CandleHi Son,
    Missing you so much 😞 I can’t believe you’re not here😞 I’m am so sorry for how your life was taken away! It breaks my heart to know you suffered😭 I pray your in Heaven with Jesus hanging out! I hope to see you soon 💕I love you so very much son! Mom

  24. CandleGood morning Son!
    How’s Heaven? I truly wish I could trade places with you! There’s so much more you wanted to experience! Travel, Ride Ducati’s, get Married have a family. Create and build things, help your family and friends with your serving heart! I think about you everyday still not believing your not coming home. My heart is broken in a million pieces. I miss you so much!!! Love you always Mom💕💕💕😭😭😭💕💕💕

  25. CandleHi Son,
    Sorry haven’t written! Life without you sucks! I’m struggling to move forward. I miss our FaceTimes! Miss hearing your bike pull up to the house! Miss hanging out with you! I love you so much Son!

  26. CandleHappy birthday Jose 🤍 we miss you so much here and we celebrate your life every time we remember you. Which happens everyday, throughout our day. Party it up in heaven! We will be turning it up for you 🤍

  27. CandleMorning son,
    Sorry I missed sending you a Happy Birthday here🤦‍♀️😢
    We went to Tahoe for your birthday 💕
    In Honor of You💕🏍
    Son, I hope you’re finally resting in peace with Jesus 💕
    You served so many people on daily bases!!!
    I look forward to our next motorcycle ride 🏍🏍🏍!
    I love and miss you son everyday💕💕
    Send it Maverick

  28. CandleHi My Son,
    Sorry to say it’s not getting easier! I hate time the more time goes by last time I saw you May 23, 2021. We had a great day! I’m so glad I took my first motorcycle ride with you son! I should’ve went to treasure Island with you in 20 minutes. I miss you so much I forever will love you! I pray Son you are in heaven with your heavenly father and peace wholeness you can finally rest. Thank you for all that you gave did for everyone here especially me! I would’ve taken every single bullet and more to trade places with you!!!!
    Love you always mom

  29. CandleThat’s inappropriate Helen ☝🏼☝🏼

    Sending you some love 💕 today Jose. Missing you every day, my heart hurts ❤️‍🩹. Praying you are resting peacefully in heaven and that I get to see you again someday.

  30. CandleSon!
    I’m missing you with every fiber in my being😢
    My love for you increases daily 💕
    I’m so proud of you!!!🙌
    So proud to be your Mom!💕
    Greatest title I could ever have is the Mother of Jose😍😍😍😍
    Love you so much son!!!

  31. CandleHi Son!
    Miss you like crazy!!!!
    Yvette found a video of you playing your guitar here at the house singing How Great is Our God and Holy Place! You were singing with such passion and playing with so much feelings! This who you ARE! I lost it!!!!! I hate time!!!! I pray your resting. I’m so sorry Son! I am keeping you alive in my heart mind more each day!!!!!
    Love you Son

  32. CandleSon,
    You wrote back in 2018!!!

    I’m prone to wander lord I feel it
    Prone to leave the god I love
    Here my heart lord lord take it seal it
    Seal it for thy courts

    Son, I am praying you are in Heaven!!! I keep asking God to show me for sure😢

    I want to be wherever you are!!!!!

    I love and miss you so much 😢😢😢😢💕💕💕💕💕 Mom!!!

  33. CandleSon,
    I went to Dr O. Ohhhh my I lost it inside my heart and mind😢
    Knowing we’ve been going there for 25 yrs!!! Seeing the dental records behind Tary broke my heart😢😢😢

    I am not doing well!!! I miss you so much!!!! This should’ve never happened!!!!
    I ask God why? Why now? Son you were starting your second half of Life!!!
    You were Robbed of being a husband again, being a daddy!!! Having your own business and creating the Humongous Well System for Ethiopia!!!

    Love you sooooo much💕💕🏍🏍🏍

    I miss you/us so much💕💕😢😢

  34. CandleHi my precious son!!!
    Oh how I miss you 😢 🥺🥺
    I think about you every second of every day!!!! I want to be with you 💗💗💗
    There’s only 1 good thing about you being in Heaven is the Hell here since you left!!!!
    I love you so much 💗💕💗💕

  35. CandlePrecious Son JOSE!!!!
    I’m sorry I haven’t written you here!!!
    My mommies heart is broken in a million pieces 😭🥺
    Life without you sucks on so many levels!!! I want to trade places with you everyday!!!! I miss for you what you’re missing out on!! Tahoe is full of snow, you’d be snowboarding today!!!!
    I love you soooo much🥰🥰🥰🏍🏍

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