Joseph Hendricks

joseph hendricks
Joseph Dayton Hendricks, born in in 1947 in Greybull Wyoming transitioned to be God at age 68 on May 16, 2016. He graduated High School in Marysville, CA. in 1965. Within a year after graduating, he married to Kathleen Orear. He is survived by his three children: Janette Hansen, Stacie Hendricks, and Jason Hendricks. God saw fit to bless him with eight grandchildren. They are: (1) Ashley, (2) Christopher, (3) Stephanie, (4) Gabriel, (5) Bria, (6) Natalie, (7) Raylynn, and (8) Lailonnie. Joe loved being surrounded by his grandkids and they loved him dearly. Joe is also survived by his three sisters Pauline Molaskey, Trudy Heuerman and Ellie Jett and brother Billy Hendricks. Joe's parents, William and Lucy Hendricks, preceded him in death. Joe loved hunting and fishing. Joe, a humble man, took pride in whatever he set out to do. Joe, a sergeant in the army, received a bronze star in Vietnam and the distinguished purple heart. After his service to his country, he dedicated 40 years working for Roof Structures beginning in 1969. He was beloved by many friends who hold fond memories of Joe close to their heart. Joe will be missed. Funeral services will be held Friday May 20, 2016 at 2:00 PM Irvington Memorial Cemetery 41001 Chapel Way Fremont CA. 94538 Janette: I have plenty of wonderful memories of my dad growing up. One memory I remember so clear is when I must've been about 4 years old when he took me fishing. I remember walking through tall grass wearing my green water boots my mom picked up for me. I did most of the talking driving there and all the talking while we were fishing. Not sure how long we were fishing when he finally spoke and said, 'baby with all this talking you're scaring the fish away' (For a young girl keeping quiet you can just image didn't last to long) Every time he reeled his line he would bring up green weeds at the end of his hook. I finally said ' daddy where's all the fish and why are you catching that green stuff and not fish?' I remembered he looked at me and just smiled. I was a young girl going to work with my dad at Roof Structures and making friends with everyone. I remember many times going to his different job sites as a young girl and having fun watching my dad and the other kids (That's what he called the boys on his crew) build. The best memory is when my dad lived with me while his new home was being built. I saw him every day and we would talk and talk and talk. Since then my dad would visit me on the weekends. When I moved to another home he never missed our Saturday coffee visits. We would go into the vegetable garden and I would pick him some veggies to take home. He helped me build my shed's foundation. We did it the old fashioned way using a hammer not a nail gun. It was the long day but I will always treasure the time we spent together. I have so many great memories of my daddy and he will forever be missed. I LOVE you so very much. Stacie: My fondest moments were when me and dad would have our crab and fish feast days. The first time we ate crab together I didn't think I would like it but he told me if I tried it he knew I would like it. Finally I tried what had to be the world's smallest piece ever and it was good so each piece got a little bigger next thing I know he's teaching me how to crack it on my own. We would wait for crab to go on sale and go to 2 or 3 stores to find just the right sized pieces then go home where I would cook up some fish and eat that and crab to our hearts content. I love you dad miss you always. Jason: I Remember when I was younger going to my father's house on the weekends. We would wash his work truck in the morning and listen to San Francisco Giants game on the radio. We watched the 49's games and bull riding on TV. He taught me how to shoot guns and how to fish. We went to Vegas to watch the bull riding finals. We also went on a couple trips to Wyoming had a blast fishing and visiting the family. He taught me always lead by example and if I ever became a boss to treat the men that work hard for you with respect. My Father has been around the world done a lot of things and lived a hell of a life. He was respected by family, friends, and coworkers. He will truly be missed. I love you Pops. Ashley: Janette's daughter I have many great memories of my Papa. For the last 23 years he has never missed one birthday of mine. Wherever we lived my Papa would bring me cake, ice cream and a present. He enjoyed listening to me talk about anything that was happening in my life at the time. When I was younger he would take me, my sister and my cousins fishing at the pier in Santa Cruz. My best memory is when I helped Papa build a play house for me and my sisters. I will miss you forever. I love you Papa. Stephanie: Janette's daughter Fishing was my favorite activity to do with Papa. He would go out and buy us all hot chocolate and donuts then we would head out on our road trip to the Santa Cruz pier at 4 in the morning. It was great having all the grandkids out there together. I will think of you every time I go fishing, I love you Papa. Natalie: Janette's daughter He was always in a good and happy mood. He was always nice. I Love you Papa Gabe: Stacie's son When I was a child Papa would take me fishing at the Santa Cruz pier along with my brother, sister and cousins it was always fun. He would tell us to be ready by 4:00 AM that means 3:45 AM. One time he took me fishing at Quarry Lake, I felt I was old enough to cast my line myself so he let me. The first cast went fine the second one not so well as a gust of wind caught it and it crossed someone else's line. Neither Papa nor the other person was happy. He took the pole cast it out himself and wouldn't let me touch it the rest of the day. I will treasure those moments forever Melanie Orear: Joe was a great brother- in-law. I have such happy memories of him starting when I was a little girl and he would take me to play in the snow. I remember going frog hunting with him once and it was fun until I found out they were going to kill the frogs and eat them. I started scaring the frogs away to save them. (He didn't take me again) We loved going to the movies. As an adult he explained to me how to build the kids a play house. He came over asked me how the building was going I laughed and said it's off a hair, He said to me I'm not worried about it falling down I've never seen so many nails used, we had a good laugh over that. I love and miss you Joe Darla Orear My fondest memories are of Christmas mornings in the kitchen at Joe's home the family would all come for breakfast. Joe sitting at the table asking if we had everything we needed for cooking. Joe would always be served first and we would have biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns. He always had the biggest smile being surrounded by his family and such wonderful food. Christmas won't be the same. We will all MISS you ¢¤¸ In lieu of flowers Donations may be made towards Joseph's funeral expenses.

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  1. For years, the riverbank was where
    Your soul felt most at peace
    Your heart was most content when there
    With the fish and the geese
    But then, your spirit came to rest
    Where angels chose to roam
    And once equipped with ten pound test
    You made yourself at home.

    The sky became your deep blue sea
    The clouds became your shore
    And there, for all eternity
    You sat with friends galore
    Each angel was a fisherman
    Who had traded his pole
    For golden wings and a game plan
    At Heaven’s Fishing Hole.

    The tales you told about each catch
    its stature and its girth
    Will live in memories unmatched
    As days pass here on earth
    Until we meet again, one day
    Upon God’s golden sand
    We’ll picture you, no other way
    Than with a pole in hand.

    Joe you have our undying love and your fishing friendship will be missed

  2. Dear Cathie and Children, So very sorry for your loss! Much love and prayers to you all! I will never forget all the fun at your home in San Jose…many times we were there
    celebrating the Children’s Birthday’s such blessed times…so happy to have been a part of those celebrations as well as baby showers! God is good all the time.Now a dear man is at rest! May Joe RIP and may you all find a sweet peace and many happy memories Love and Prayers,ElaineS

  3. A great loving uncle… I love you uncle Joe. You are the best fishing buddy, the best uncle , my hero. You are a tough man, I love you dearly Uncle Joe, catch them fish with grandpa. Tell everyone I said I love them too. Until we fish again and laugh at our hunting stories and our jokes. I love you.
    Love your niece
    Kirenda Hendricks

  4. Sorry for your loss. I’m glad you have such good memories of your dad. If it wasn’t for him we would not have the house we live in.

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