Lahela Junelle Harrison

lahela harrison
Lahela Junelle Harrison was born March 7, 1981 in Honolulu, Hawaii and returned home to Jesus February 27, 2013. Though her time here was short, the impact she had on the lives of those she touched will echo through eternity. She had a warm comforting spirit, smile that could light up any room and huge olive eyes that captivated everyone. What she'll be remembered for most is her passion for Christ. She loved Him more than anything. Lahela is survived by her loving mother Janet, father Gene, sister Lehua, brother Brandon and nephew Octavian. Memorial services will be held 11:00 AM Friday, March 8th at Berge-Pappas- Smith Chapel of the Angels, 40842 Fremont Blvd, Fremont

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  1. ♥
    Lahela: I was blessed to have you as my best friend for all these years. Thank You
    for leaving me with so many memories. Thank You for being you. Thank You for being by myside. ThankYou for all your support.Thank You for your unconditional love.ThankYou for all the laughs. You are my sister at heart. We went through all your pictures today and we will cherish them always. We will love you always. Love your Rosary Beads, Jeremiah, Miah & Anna ♥

  2. Lahela. Hello. Friend. Long time no see. I never got the chance to say goodbye to you in person. Just wanted to say thank you for your friendship, the advice and encouragement that you had shown me in the early 2000’s. We know that your in a better place now with Jesus. Look down on us every now and then from Heaven. ok. All of your family and friends miss you dearly, and may your soul forever rest in peace. The heavens are celebrating rite now , because they just received another angel into gods kingdom. See you in heaven one day.

    Take care my friend. Godbless you my Sister in Christ.

    Mahalo – Tony V

  3. Lahela,
    The short time you spent here with us are among some of our family’s greatest memories in the new house. You are still remembered and missed every day by more than myself. So many people that you and I just met during the controlled chaos here in January 2013 ask about you when they call and see us in all their pictures. I tell em where you went 🙂 You fit in here so perfectly that many people didn’t realize you and I had recently met.
    You spirit and personality clicked so well with my entire family that all the family members I myself was just meeting for the first time thought you had been part of our family for a longer time than you were. And the fact that you were born in Hawaii was added reason for their assumptions since we have many family members as well from Hawaii who were here during that time as well visiting.
    I have your pictures you sent me still and remember you constantly. Your memory is everywhere in our home. Various chairs we sat on for pictures together for family members. Your novel you were reading is still on one of my shelves in the garage where you left it. Right on top of your auto repair receipt for brakes that some shop did poorly and led to us meeting in the first place.
    When I walk out the front door I pass the small area next to the front door where we posed for pictures as well and I think of you. I sometimes even talk to you as I walk through the court yard after closing the front door behind me. I remember sitting with you as well in the court yard and enjoying your company there too.
    In the kitchen I see you everywhere as well. Just the other day we were talking about how many people were all in there working together helping that January. Between the ones trying to feed everyone here and keep snacks flowing out, and the few sitting at the table in the way, we estimated 12 people in the kitchen at the time. We could only remember 5 names of the 12 and you were one.
    Lahela, you have moved on and went back home but you’re not gone and you’re not forgotten. You’re in our home and in our hearts. One day I will see you again. And I still miss you every day more than words can say.

    For anyone who didn’t know,
    Lahela was around when an event was happening after 2 years of planning; My Grand-Mother’s 90th Birthday combined with a long over due family reunion. We had over 100 family members here for the actual day but many came several weeks in advance just for the heck of it. And no one stayed in any local motels.
    We had 2 toy haulers on the driveway and a fifth wheel camper in the street, a few extra generators for back up and the rest of us slept wherever there was floor space. Family members came from Ontario Canada, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, all over California, some other places I forgot, and of course Hawaii.
    The event was more of a 3 week-ish family reunion kinda thing mostly due to the Canadians and the Hawaiian family members wanting to get maximum time with us I guess. They came early and stayed long after.
    As a result, Lahela met a lot of my family members and seemed to connect well with them. My Mom loved her. But all of them cornered us for pictures.
    I cannot remember how many pictures we took but a couple hundred seems about right. Maybe our eyes were closed in a few.
    If anyone would like pictures, send me an email. I’ll start collecting them from my family members and forward them to you if you would like. Something I have prolonged myself I guess.

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