Reynaldo Montoya Aguilar

reynaldo aguilar

Reynaldo M. Aguilar passed away peacefully in his sleep on April 14, 2020, at the age of 78.  He was survived by his loving children Romel Aguilar, Rinah Cuenca, Riemann Aguilar, son-in-law Rick Cuenca, along with his grandchildren Ian, Ivan, Lynn, Artie, Rowell, Juvyna, Marielle, granddaughter-in-law Tiana and great-granddaughter Noelani.


Reynaldo was a devoted, thoughtful and loving father, father-in-law, grandfather and great grandfather with a great sense of humor.  He loved to dance, cook, eat, whistle, he loved gardening and always had a big smile on his face.  He will be missed dearly by everyone.



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  1. CandleTatay, you’ve always been such a hard worker and always happy. Not once have I seen you frown. Hope you like the pictures and videos of Kalani Rae. I love you.

  2. CandleHi Tatay, I’m almost out of school. I’m almost done, I’ve been working so hard but sometimes I’m too hard on myself. Come to the house Friday, I know you’ll love the backyard.

  3. CandleHi Tatay,

    I still don’t believe any of it. I love and miss you everyday. Monday I will be taking my mock testing for school, so I have a lot of anxiety right now but I know that you’ll be there to support me. I can do this. You are getting heavy, have you been eating a lot of Mom’s cooking? Haha. I took a break from studying today, I have been listening to Ambrosia since yesterday when I left Mom’s. It was soothing, with the cold rain on my hand, the windows down playing the music so loud. Tomorrow until Monday I will be studying, but not over studying, so I can make sure I take a good amount of breaks in between. Pretty much I take my classes and do the finals on paper, and then the written tests on the computer and then the Oral and Practicals in person so I can say and show what I have learned. Shouldn’t be too bad. But yeah, I don’t know. Would you like to carpool with me to the Ed Levin park? I wanted to make it a habit and sit there at the bench in front of the water for 30 minutes to an hour. Just listening to everybody talking and walking around, and watching the ducks swim in the water. It is really peaceful, I felt a lot of weight off of my shoulders when I went, but it was only for one Sunday. I need to do it again. Let me know okay? We can go grab some tocino and rice or get some hot pot and after we can go there and hangout. I love and miss you every day, Tatay. But I know you don’t want to see me sad or crying. So I am doing my best to keep my strong face on and be brave. I have been stressing a lot lately, but I am also getting better at my breathing exercises, so that has helped me a lot. I went to grab some boba milk tea earlier and played music out loud with my windows down again, it really is soothing. But I need to clean my car haha. You would remind me and laugh if you saw my car, and tell me “Ivan, you need to clean your car and recycle” haha. Okay Tatay, until next time. Sorry it has been a while, thought I would share a little bit of what has been going on.

  4. CandleHi Tatay,

    So I didn’t pass my test the other day, and I got mad and sad when I couldn’t remember what I studied. It’s okay, I will be retaking my test on Monday next week for only the three chapters that I failed on. So it shouldn’t be too difficult. I have a stomach ache, I think it’s from my lunch or maybe I didn’t eat a lot today I’m not sure. So right now I am studying so I thought I might send a quick greeting so I don’t stay up too late tonight hehe. Okay Tatay, until next time. I love and miss you always.

  5. CandleHi Tatay,

    So last Friday I took my Oral and Practical test, and I failed one section for the powerplant oral. But everything else I passed easily. When I was leaving I messaged everybody that I failed and they thought I was just joking around. I was so sad I was crying for a while, while driving back to the house. But my friends told me don’t even worry about it, you made the effort and tried it, now you just need one section rather than redoing the whole test all over again. I was thinking to do my retest on the Tuesday after Memorial Day. What do you think? I study 5 chapters at a time, and overall I will study 3 sections, because there’s a total of 14 chapters. Chapter 14 only has one question so not that bad. But we will, see. I’ve been really busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to do much of my projects, they’re just piling up and/or sitting there. It’s okay, one day at a time. Just doing a check in, until next time Tatay, I’ll pass the retest for you and get one of my ratings and study harder and get my second rating and be fully licensed. Love and miss you always.

  6. CandleHi Tatay,

    Today after I woke up I went to study two chapters for my retest tomorrow morning at 10AM. I think I have this down now, going to take it easy today so I don’t study too much you know? Yesterday I went to put the battery in the Honda and drove her around, it was nice and peaceful. Going to try just two more chapters again and listen to some jazz music haha. Had some oatmeal today for breakfast, although some spam and rice sounds good or even a spam sammich huh? I hope that I pass this retest for one section which is section five, and so I can have one of my ratings, and that will be my foot in the door for the aviation world. Maybe I’ll wake up at 8:15 or so to go get ready and it takes about an hour drive. So I’ll need to make sure that I have some breakfast and restroom before I leave haha. Okay Tatay, going to study two chapters now! Love and miss you always.

  7. CandleHi Tatay,

    Monday the 7th I passed my retest!! Good thing I listened to some of the chapters on Youtube as I was driving there, that helped a lot. Went to visit Boboy today, he got really tan haha and brought Noelani with me. We might go with Thai food tonight, what do you think? We are thinking to try the pumpkin curry that sounds good huh? The people over there when we went to see Boboy were friendly, but I kind of messed up going to the vending machine instead of waiting for them to call. It’s okay, they didn’t make a big deal out of it, since they were aware that it was my first time there. I had to raise my voice at Noelani a bit because she didn’t wear her mask and I asked her and she was saying no, had to keep calling her over but it’s also okay because she’s still a little kid. Just didn’t want to have them tell us to be quiet. I think we are going to use the next few minutes to check out the website for the Thai food, hopefully it’s tasty! Although I wouldn’t mind spam and rice for dinner or chinese sausage either haha. Okay Tatay, until next time. Love and miss you always.

  8. CandleHi Tatay,

    Happy 4th of July!! We didn’t go too crazy at the house and I didn’t each as much as I thought I normally would haha. Was more focused on enjoying the moment with everybody. I have chapters 1-8 just about down for my studying, need to do a few more practice rounds. Haven’t studied since I think last Thursday? It’s okay, time to get back on the grind starting tomorrow. We might go to see Uncle and them tonight for dinner, we went to the Hayward lake it was like a mini beach vibe haha super cool. Lynn finally had a chance to see Boboy with Kuya and Noelani. I asked Kuya last night when I was driving if he can send the email out but he forgot. It’s okay, just want to see him before they transfer him you know? But anyways, I’m going to have more of Zimbabwe son’s cooking for a snack and then have lots of water and my multivitamin since I feel very tired. I do need to shower too haha from the sun and the sunscreen on me. Okay Tatay, until next time. Love and miss you always.

  9. CandleHi Tatay,

    I’m almost ready to schedule my test! Chapter 16 and 17 are pretty much like the old blocks I took. Monday I’m going to the bursar and scheduling the check which takes two weeks and them I’m going to call the DME and schedule for the 13th for next month. Yesterday I told my boss that I’m going to be leaving mid August to early September and he was bummed out about it but he understands. My classmate did all three tests today from 9:30AM-6:30PM it’s crazy!! I was kind of jealous about it but changed my mindset right away to be happy and excited for him. I see it as a major motivation for myself! Tomorrow we are going to have a small bbq, dad and kuya are coming over to help put my corkboard in the garage so we can see how that will go. I’ve been practicing on my keyboard piano learning, practicing Dionne Warwick “That’s what friends are for” haha I’m learning it pretty fast! Usually after a few practice times and repetitions I learn things that way. I can play it for you when I’m done? I can come stop by and hang out with all of you and bring my keyboard haha. That’ll be a blast. But okay, time to unwind. Until next time Tatay. Love and miss you always.

  10. CandleHi Tatay,

    I AM FINALLY DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!! Those two years of hard work and dedication really paid off. I’m preparing my two week notice for my boss, and then when that’s done I’m going to go on a vacation to Seattle for maybe a week or two, we will see. I need to nap because I didn’t have much sleep last night haha. But it was worth the time and sacrifices, and the hours etc. Waiting for Shan to get back, so that I can go take a nap, my brain is overworked haha. Okay I will be right back after a while Tatay, love and miss you always.

  11. CandleHi Tatay,

    Good morning! So last night we went to my friend’s house to have some drinks and we got drunk. My friend was trying to help me replace my phone screen and it was weird because he said a screw was stripped and one was missing, like it was a refurbished one. So after a while he fixed it, but then my screen wouldn’t be on? So right now I’m using Shan’s dad’s old phone for just a while until I get mine back. I need to update my LinkedIn with my resume that career services helped me with and then start applying when I am back from my vacation. Time to make some breakfast since our stomachs are sour from the drinking haha okay Tatay, until next time. Love and miss you always.

  12. CandleHi Tatay,

    Good evening! I am listening to a Dave Ramsey audio on YouTube while Netflix is in the background. I had an interview in Burlingame at the Marriott on Tuesday, for American Airlines as an aircraft maintenance technician. I was interviewed by two people and they asked me about 5 or 6 questions. They weren’t even for what I studied in school, they were more for like common manufacturing questions, how I would handle a situation if a coworker was not very friendly while working with me. So things like that. So I’m hoping by tomorrow, and Tuesday the latest for an update. Wish me luck!! I honestly cannot wait to hear if I got the job or not, I was feeling confident afterwards, granted timid at first but I can’t just have that type of mentality, you know? It’s going to be okay, trusting my process. I didn’t come this far for nothing. Thought I’d do a quick check-in with you, okay Tatay I am going to continue this audio book thingy haha. Okay Tatay, until next time. Love and miss you always.

  13. CandleHi Tatay,

    Quick little update. I have a lot of good things going on, like my own place, great job, great boss, the girls, and my landlord on a personal level. I have been trying to stay busy so my mind is straight and healthy, and this morning I emailed three therapists. So I will be waiting for their responses to see their availability and how the whole process for therapy goes. Okay I need to get the bean soon and hangout with her for a while then drop her off at her grandmas. Until next time Tatay, love and miss you always.

  14. CandleHi Tatay,

    Good morning!!! Today is Kalani’s Birthday, so it is also your birthday!! Happy Birthday happy birthday to you!! Hehehe. I need to get ready and go to the store, I was thinking of getting her a little cupcake and put a candle on it. How does that sound, not too bad huh? And I hope Saturday doesn’t rain, even though her mom and I have a lot of things going on between us, it’s about Kalani at the end of the day. Guess what Tatay?! Monday I have a 30 minute phone interview for an Aircraft Mechanic at Hawaiian Airlines!! I applied Monday and I’ve been checking my emails and what not, But woke up to an email that was sent to me at exactly 8:00 this morning. I feel good about it! My work has this last day tomorrow to see if we want to stay or go, we will get a little two month severance pay, company laptop, and a letter of recommendation. Don’t get me wrong Tatay, the company is great and they really do take care of their employees, but they want to get rid of composites and do 3D printing instead. Sure there is still some work in other departments and what not, but I want to make sure the job security is there you know? The airlines will forever be there, and we are in the Silicon Valley and there’s jobs everywhere. So I don’t want to be hung up on one job forever not knowing what the future holds. Oh I need to buy spray at the store haha I stink and ran out of deodorant spray hahaha. Okay let me go use the restroom and start my day! Okay Tatay, until next time! Love and miss you always. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

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