Yi "Joy" Zhou

yi zhou
Fremont, California, United States of America - Yi Zhou (also known as Joy Zhou) passed away on the afternoon of October 24, 2017 at the age of 55. Yi Zhou was born on May 1, 1962 in Beijing China into a family of scholars. Her father Mr. Dianfu Zhou was a famous linguist in China. Her mother Helen Liu was a Ginling college graduate, she was also a Christian. Yi Zhou was the only child in the family. She studied at Bejing Xinjiekou Primary School between 1970 and 1976. Then she studied at Beijing No. 156 middle school from 1977 to 1981. After high school, she worked many years as a teacher/healer at the Chinese Deaf Children Recovery Center; she helped and cured hundreds of deaf children so that they could speak again, changed their lives forever. In 1982, Yi Zhou’s mother Helen Liu left China to the United States to pursue Christianity. Yi Zhou stayed behind to take care of her father. Once Mr. Dianfu Zhou had passed away in 1991, Yi Zhou came to the United States to take care of her mother. She studied part-time at Chabot College in Hayward since 1992 while working to support herself, then transferred to University of California at Berkeley in 1997 full-time as a business major. She finally received her Bachelor of Art degree in Business Administration in 1999. During her school days at Chabot College and UC, Berkeley, she met and fell in love with Mr. Baohua Huang, and they married in 2002. She devoted all her love to Mr. Huang after marriage. She worked as a Financial Analyst for AMD and other high-tech companies, and the managers adored her. After her mother’s passing in 2008, Yi Zhou was in grief and she joined the Fremont office of American Red Cross as a volunteer and vowed to help others in need. Although a long-time believer in Jesus, Yi Zhou was finally baptized in 2011 to become a Christian. Soon after that, she gave up her career to follow her husband to China to take care her paralyzed mother-in-law. Yi Zhou was diagnosed with colon cancer in December 2015, had surgery in February 2016 and came back to the United States for further treatments. She fought brave and hard in the last year of her life and passed away on October 24, 2017. In her last days, the pastors and friends at her Church, Lords’ Grace Christian Church in Mountain View, gave her so much support and love. 周怡(英文名Yi Zhou, Joy Zhou)æ–¼2017 å¹´10 月24 日下午過 世,享年55 æ­²€‚周怡1962 å¹´5 月1 日生於中國北京一個書香門第的家庭,父親周æ®ç¦å…ˆç”Ÿæ˜¯ä¸­åœ‹ 著名的語言學家,母親劉海瀾女士是金陵女大畢業生同時也是基督教徒€‚周怡是家中的獨女,成長 於一個大家族€‚1970 年至1976 年間周怡就讀於北京新街口小學,1977 年至1981 年就讀於北京 156 中學€‚中學畢業後,她在中華聾兒語言聽力康復中åƒå·¥ä½œå¤šå¹´ï¼Œç”¨å„種方法æ²å¥½äº†ä¸Šç™¾åå› è¾ 而啞的少年兒童,讓ä–們能夠重新說話,改變了很多人的生命€‚1982 年大陸剛剛開放,周怡的母 親劉海瀾堅持離開中國到美國è½æ±‚ä¸çš„福音,周怡留在大陸照顧父親€‚周æ®ç¦å…ˆç”Ÿæ–¼1991 å¹´åŽä¸– 之後,周怡為照顧母親劉海瀾來到了美國€‚從1992 年起就讀於加利福尼亞州海沃市的Chabot 社區 大學,1997 年轉入加州大學伯克萊分校經æŸç®¡ç†ç³æ·±é€ ï¼Œ1999 年取得管理學學士學位€‚在Chabot 和伯克萊上學期間與先生éƒå¯¶è¯ç›¸è­˜ç›¸æ„›ï¼Œä¸¦æ–¼2002 年結婚€‚婚後她在感情上給了先生全åƒå…¨æ„ 的愛,在生æ´ä¸Šçµ¦äº†ä–無微不至的照顧€‚從2000 年起,周怡曾在AMD 等不同的公司擔ä金融分析 師一職,深受老æå€‘的賞識€‚2008 å¹´6 月,周怡的母親劉海瀾女士åŽä¸–,周怡非常悲痛,所ä¥å¾ž 2008 年到2010 年間,她在美國紅十字協會加州弗裏蒙特分會做義工,幫助了很多人€‚周怡於2011 年接受福音成為基督徒,隨後為了盡孝åƒæ”¾æ£„了自己的事業,隨先生è”回大陸照顧其癱瘓的婆婆, 中間盡åƒç›¡åŠ›ï¼Œå ªç¨±å…¸ç¯„€‚2015 å¹´12 月周怡在北京發現結腸癌,2016 å¹´1 月手術後於2016 å¹´3 月回美國繼續æ²ç™‚,至2017 å¹´10 月24 æ—¥åŽä¸–,安息ä¸æ‡·€‚在周怡最後的日子裏,山景城ä¸æ©åŸº 督教會的牧師和朋友們給了她極大的關懷和照顧€‚

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